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EIZO's Promise to the Environment

The EIZO Group strives to be a leader in responsible business and manufacturing processes to protect the environment for a more sustainable future.
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Sustainable Monitor Design

Achieving a sustainable society where we do no harm to the environment nor waste precious resources is an important initiative for businesses and communities. EIZO Sustainable Monitors are at the forefront of EIZO's efforts to contribute to this sustainable future.

Supported initiatives may vary depending on the model.

Sustainable Monitor

Conserve to Preserve

FlexScan Sustainable Monitors include models which are made of more than 80% recycled plastic. This cuts down on the amount of plastic waste going into the environment, conserves resources, and promotes reuse of materials for preserving our natural ecosystems.

Paint-Free for a Breath of Fresh Air

Reducing the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a source of air pollution, in manufacturing is a necessary step for sustainability initiatives. Typically, paints which contain VOCs are used to add color, finish, or texture to the exterior surface of products. EIZO manufactures its FlexScan Sustainable monitor cabinets using plastic materials which do not contain paints to achieve the ideal color and texture.

Cushioning Environmental Impact

Starting with the most recent models, FlexScan Sustainable Monitors are moving away from using plastic and styrofoam in the packaging to reduce environmental impact. The monitors are safely packed using molded pulp, which is made from recycled cardboard and newspaper, and cables are wrapped in paper instead of plastic bags.

Green Connection

Some cables may be non-essential depending on the user's desktop configuration. FlexScan Sustainable Monitors include an AC power cord and essential signal cables. Reducing excessive cables which may go unused helps to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Collective Environmental Consciousness

EIZO offers corporate customers a collective packaging option, where four monitors are packaged in a single box and four monitor stands are packaged separately, also in a single box. This reduces the total packaging materials used, improves loading efficiency during shipping, and streamlines unpacking and installation time.

Recycle for the Life Cycle

As a manufacturer, we take it upon ourselves to oversee our products' life cycle responsibly from start to finish, even after use. EIZO collects used monitors for recycling in Japan, Europe, and the USA to ensure they are disposed of properly.

Give Your Device an Extended Life

Extending the useful life of our products is more environmentally friendly compared to products with a shorter lifespan. The five-year warranty for FlexScan monitors is a guarantee backed by our confidence in our strict quality control that ensures our products last longer in the hands of the user. In addition, replacement parts for repair are retained by EIZO in case of failure or technical trouble to further support long-term, reliable use.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

In response to climate change, EIZO is committed to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, such as CO2. FlexScan Sustainable Monitors contribute to this effort by not only offering low power consumption during use, but they are handled responsibly from manufacture to disposal for the reduction of CO2 throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable from Start to Finish

We conduct product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of FlexScan Sustainable Monitors on their environmental impact at each stage including the material procurement, manufacturing, transportation, use, and disposal. Based on the assessment, we formulate an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) following the guidelines of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), an international certification institution, and obtain certification as a Type III declaration under ISO 14025.
Life Cycle Assessment and Product Carbon Footprint of FlexScan Sustainable Monitors

Effortlessly Save on Power Consumption

FlexScan Sustainable Monitors' Auto EcoView function automatically adjusts the screen's brightness according to changes in the ambient lighting. The EcoView Optimizer 2 function fine-tunes the balance between brightness and gain according to the content displayed on the screen. These proprietary EcoView technologies cut power consumption by as much as 50%* compared to displaying at maximum brightness.

*Typical power consumption when not using USB power delivery.

Switch to Zero Watts

When the power switch on the back is flipped off, FlexScan Sustainable Monitors consume zero watts even while plugged in.

How Green is Your Monitor?

EIZO's Eco Calculator allows you to quickly compare your current monitor and FlexScan EcoView monitors to find out how much you could save in annual costs and CO2 reduction.
Eco Calculator

Certified Sustainable

In addition to complying with international environmental laws and regulations, we also meet or obtain the latest environmental standards and certifications.

Legal Compliance

EIZO complies with international laws and regulations regarding environmental protection and effective use of energy. In Europe, many enforced regulations play an important role in encouraging other countries and regions to take similar steps.

Examples of European regulations which EIZO complies with:

  • RoHS Directive (restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)
  • WEEE Directive (collection and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic equipment)
  • REACH Regulation (management of chemical substances)
  • ErP Directive (eco-design for energy-related products)
  • WF Directive (database registration for managing substances for waste disposal)

Meeting the Latest Sustainability Standards

FlexScan Sustainable Monitors also meet the latest environmental standards. In particular, Sweden's TCO Certified, a de facto global environmental standard for IT products, concerns socially responsible manufacturing and environmental awareness, including the handling of hazardous substances and recycling, as well as user ergonomics, human rights, health and safety, and ethics. Furthermore, several monitors are registered at EPEAT Gold (highest tier), indicating that they meet the most demanding set of criteria for sustainability, and has attained the new EPEAT Climate+ designation for compliance with climate change standards.

Examples of environmental standards which FlexScan Sustainable Monitors meet:

  • ENERGY STAR 8.0 (international energy efficiency standard established in the USA)
  • TCO Certified Generation 9 (global environmental standard for IT products)
  • EPEAT (international environmental standard for technology products, established in the USA)
  • PC Green Label (Japanese environmental standard for computers and monitors)

EPEAT registration varies by country. Please check for registration status.

Global ESG Index

EIZO is included in the FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index. This is an investment index constructed by FTSE Russell, a global index provider, that reflects the performance of Japanese companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

Read more in the press release

FTSE Blossom Japan Sector Relative Index

Near-Term Science-Based GHG Emissions Reduction Targets Receive SBTi Approval

EIZO has set reduction targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for all of its business activities, including its supply chain, for the year 2030. These targets have been approved by SBTi, an international initiative, as ambitious science-based targets.

Read more in the press release


Our Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, EIZO is contributing towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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