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Health and Productivity Management

EIZO Group Health Declaration

Since the launch of our own brand in 1985, we have been working to create products that incorporate an ergonomic perspective, taking into account the safety and health of the user.
In addition, the EIZO Group has fostered an open and inclusive corporate culture by introducing the casual work style in 2003 and open office layout, promoting the reduction of working hours and the acquisition of paid vacations by improving work efficiency and productivity, and focusing on leisure activities such as the promotion of recreational activities and club activities. We also strive to create an environment in which employees can work in good health and vitality.
We declare that we will continue to contribute to solving society's health problems by proposing total solutions that encompass " Capturing, Recording, Distributing and Displaying", of the imaging chain, and that we will continue our efforts to maintain and promote the physical and mental health of our employees and to create a comfortable workplace under the " EIZO Group Occupational Health and Safety Basic Policy".

Established on October, 2020
Mr. Yoshitaka Jitsumori
Chairman & CEO

EIZO Group’s Health Management

The Health Promotion Committee, which is composed of Operating Officers, identifies health issues, approves various measures to address them and monitors their effectiveness. Specific measures are formulated and implemented by occupational physicians, health and safety committees and health and safety departments at each Group company and site.

Health Management Structure

Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

Guided by the EIZO Group Health Declaration, we seek to contribute solutions to public health issues and maintain and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees. We are also striving to establish sound workplace environments by fostering our broadminded corporate culture and raising operational efficiency to reduce work hours and encourage employees to take paid leaves.

In recognition of these activities, the EIZO Group in Japan was certified as a 2024 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization under the large enterprises category in March 2024, by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan.

Health and Productivity Management優良法人(大規模法人部門)ロゴマーク
  • Health checkups at the workplace
  • Breast cancer seminar