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CEO Message

EIZO’s Initiatives for an Enriched and Sustainable Society

-Our materiality and latest initiatives

We have listed seven issues as our materiality. The first is "Contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through imaging solutions". This means that we will provide high-quality and highly reliable products, systems, and services that contribute to solving the problems of our customers and society through the use of our technologies, which is exactly in line with our corporate philosophy. In terms of the environment, we are also promoting initiatives for a "Supporting a Recycling-Oriented Society" and "response to climate change. In 1992, we established a Group company in Sweden, a country with a high level of environmental awareness. Through this subsidiary, we have been able to access information on environmental issues and trends and keep abreast of regulatory developments promptly so we can visualize our environmental compliance. Since then, we have always strived to be at the forefront of environmental responsiveness and sustainability, including environmental friendliness considerations for our products and the well-being of people, an integral part of our company’s DNA. Regarding our response to climate change, we endorsed the TCFD in May 2021 and promoted analysis and disclosure in accordance with the TCFD framework. Furthermore, in FY2022, we formulated an action plan to achieve our GHG emission reduction goals as a Low Carbon Transition Plan - “Transition to Net Zero.” In FY2023, we also responded to the CDP questionnaire and received an "A" Rating. We are now working to strengthen our system and deepen our initiatives to achieve an even higher rating in the future. And with regard to the "people" who support our company and our brand, we are striving for " Broadminded corporate culture that encourages free and creative activity" and "Respect for human rights and diversity. We believe that human capital is the foundation for business growth. We are committed to creating a work environment in which each employee can fully demonstrate his or her abilities, and to maintain an open and inclusive corporate culture that encourages personal growth while providing a sense of fulfillment. To this end, we are working on a variety of initiatives, including employee training, cultivating the right mindset, providing various growth opportunities, and introducing employee-friendly policies that make it easier to work. Of course, I believe that it's one of the responsibilities of any CEO to “boost employee motivation” and not to overlook the daily act of walking through the company, engaging with employees, and offering words of encouragement. While it might seem that there are relatively few female employees in management positions, we believe we are evolving nicely. From the beginning, we have not made any distinction based on gender in terms of recruitment, evaluation, or promotion. Currently, we have a solid number of female employees who are actively contributing as leaders, and we anticipate that the number of female employees taking on management positions will continue to grow in the future. In regard to governance, Following the appointment of a female external Director in June 2022, a foreign Director joined the Board in June 2023, further diversifying the Board. I have noticed that discussions within the Board have become more vibrant, with input and perspectives that differ from the traditional ones. I believe that receiving opinions and feedback from the nine Directors with various backgrounds and experiences has contributed to strengthening our governance practices. Moving forward, we will continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders, push the boundaries of technology, which is our corporate philosophy, and realize a prosperous future society where imaging technologies play a key role.

September 2023
Chairman & CEO, EIZO Corporation
Yoshitaka Jitsumori