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Development Capabilities

The EIZO Group will continue creating the world's best products. We have established a fully integrated in-house system for product planning, development, manufacturing, quality control, and after-sales service. This has enabled us to accumulate a wealth of visual technologies and expertise within our organization.

Accumulating Unrivaled Visual Technologies

We have gained a wide variety of visual processing technologies by meeting the high requirements of vertical markets such as healthcare, creative work, and Vertical & Specific (V&S) based on developments incorporated in monitors for the Business & Plus (B&P) market.
In particular, the unrivaled quality and reliability essential for these markets are realized in both hardware and software technologies. In addition to our advanced hardware technology for impressively high image quality and performance, we possess extensive expertise in software technologies that have helped customers benefit from a higher level of convenience and control over their visual assets. Moreover, the solutions created in this way have been successfully deployed for professional applications that require a consistently high degree of accuracy over long periods of use.

New Technologies to Amplify Imaging Value

We are focusing on developing the technologies necessary to amplify imaging value, from viewing to actual application. Specifically, we are striving to dramatically improve performance through the integration of our proprietary algorithms and AI technology, develop computing technologies for implementing these algorithms in cutting-edge GPUs to achieve the ideal processing for each application, and develop various video codecs to robustly transmit visual information in mission-critical markets, as well as develop technologies that reduce environmental impact to contribute to sustainability. We also implement these technologies to drive the evolution of monitors, cameras, video encoders, and other products, and we are upgrading network transmission technologies, application software, and system engineering to connect all these products in one effective system. We form an imaging chain from the initial input to output of visual data, including image capturing, recording, distributing, and displaying, to evolve our EVS (EIZO Visual Systems) business.
With the accelerating influence of DX, the role of imaging technology is becoming increasingly important. We will evolve our system solutions to be comprehensive and have additional value to support users in their efforts to automate and streamline their operations and improve the accuracy.

EVS(EIZO Visual Systems)

Devices Creating Products Committed to Exceeding User Expectations

Novel devices and image processing technologies are vital for creating innovative products. We therefore pay close attention to the performance of key display devices in strong partnerships with each device manufacturer. In addition, we develop and produce specialized display devices inhouse through our unique technology development and manufacturing methods or apply special processing to display devices as needed, for example, to meet special applications or super-reliability requirements. Moreover, we have developed our proprietary control systems (firmware) that maximize the ability of display devices to even surpass necessary performance levels, as well as our very own ASIC and FPGA image processors.

Sharing the Spirit of Global Development

We maintain R&D and manufacturing facilities in multiple locations globally. Each year, EIZO Group companies responsible for R&D gather at the headquarters to introduce their technologies at the in-house exhibition EIZO Technology Showcase in order to continue to create the world's best. This is an important opportunity not only for engineers to exchange information but also for sharing EIZO's future strategy and vision with sales, planning, and manufacturing staff from around the globe.
We also hold global meetings by market to share detailed information on needs and technologies.