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Solutions to Social Issues

Images displayed on monitors help doctors make diagnoses and perform surgery in hospitals. Images are used to monitor the safety of facilities and our cities. Images provide visibility to help ensure safe operations at train stations and airports. In this way, images support every aspect of our lives.
As a Visual Technology Company, EIZO is committed to creating total imaging solutions that address social issues and enrich people in their professional and personal lives.

Example #1 Energy conservation and reduced physical stress associated with computer use

The FlexScan Series of LCD monitors, which have been installed in many financial institutions, offices, and educational facilities, contribute to the reduction of power consumption throughout the office with their excellent energy-saving performance. In addition, the product is designed to allow users to work comfortably despite the strain of eye strain, stiff shoulders, and back pain that often accompany long hours of computer work.

Energy Saving Features

  • Auto dimming function suppresses backlight brightness
  • Standby power management
  • Power saving features
  • Free power management software to control brightness and power for multiple monitors at once
  • Adoption of more energy efficient backlighting
  • Achieved 0W power consumption when main power is off
  • Equipped with a function to check the amount of power reduction

Functions for Reduced Physical Stress

  • Automatic adjustment function for optimal screen brightness and display settings that reduce eye fatigue
  • Stand mechanism that allows adjustment to a comfortable screen position
  • A mode that recommends the amount of blue light
  • Flicker-free display
  • Use of an anti-glare panel to minimize glare
  1. Comfortable, minimal barrier layout with frameless multi-monitor setup
  2. Easily connect to notebook computers to facilitate productivity
  3. Multiple monitor configurations to suit CAD operations
  4. Streamlined connection with USB Type-C
Case Studies

Example #2 Providing a total imaging environment to hospitals for precise healthcare operations

We provide a wide range of support for the video environment in hospitals, including medical image displays that support accurate diagnosis, OR video management, and healthcare IT that helps improve operational efficiency and quality.

1. Diagnostics and Examinations

In the healthcare field, a variety of medical images such as mammograms, CR, CT, and MRI are used for diagnosis and examination.
EIZO's RadiForce medical image display monitors meet the demanding requirements for faithful reproduction of small details and subtle differences in shadows, supporting accurate medical image diagnosis.

  • DICOM Part 14 compliance for accurate reproduction of subtle shades and gradations
  • High-brightness display that maintains high visibility in bright environments, such as examination rooms
  • Wide range of products designed for numerous modalities
  • Stable luminance and a built-in sensor for easily maintaining quality control

2. Treatment and Surgery

The importance of video equipment in operating rooms is increasing.
As information is digitized, cameras are used to capture images of the surgical field, and information is shared among medical staff, which is essential in medicine. Through our consulting services, we select and arrange video equipment to suit the environment and construct comprehensive systems, including network wiring, to realize a safe, secure, and clean surgical environment.

3. Healthcare IT

To achieve the best possible healthcare IT system tailored to individual needs, it is ideal to build it by combining various devices from different manufacturers. EIZO has established positive partnerships with major medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators. Based on these partnerships, we understand the needs of customers in the medical market and provide one-stop services ranging from medical IT system consulting to integration and after-sales services.

Case Studies

Example #3 Contributing to the safety and security of society with highly reliable visual solutions

EIZO’s highly reliable visual solutions are used in control towers and control centers that monitor aircraft operations, on board ships, at train station platforms, and throughout various other facilities to support a safe society and smooth operation of services.

  1. Air Traffic Control
    We provide end-to-end solutions encompassing monitors, video encoders, and dedicated graphics cards for air traffic control towers and control centers for the safe and efficient movement of air traffic.
  2. Maritime
    Our monitors for maritime are designed to perform reliably in the harsh operating environments inside ships and offshore structures. They comply with various international standards required for maritime applications.
  3. Security & Surveillance
    To keep our societies safe, we offer IP decoding monitors that connect directly to IP surveillance cameras without a PC, as well as proprietary technology to enhance visibility for operators to see more clearly through visual deterrents such as fog or smoke.
  4. Railway
  5. Factory Automation
Case Studies

Example #4 Hardware and software solutions that faithfully reproduce color for supporting creators' visions

In creative fields such as professional photography, design, print and video production, the color reproducibility of the monitor is central in determining the final product and workflow efficiency. Everyone throughout the creative workflow needs to see consistent color in images for a reliable end result. Our ColorEdge Series of color management monitors faithfully reproduces color consistently, helping to improve work efficiency and color precision in creative fields.

  • Supports a wide color gamut that covers various color standards in the printing and video production industries.
  • Free dedicated software for easy color management
  • Built-in calibration sensor for periodic readjustment to maintain color accuracy over time (CG Series only)
  1. Hobby Photography
  2. Professional Photography
  3. Illustration
  4. Design
  5. Printing
  6. Post Production
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