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Rewarding Working Environment

Support for Balancing Life Events and Work

To enable employees to maintain a balance between life events such as childcare and nursing care and their work, we provide various programs to support diverse work styles while complying with the laws of each country.
In Japan, these include programs based on laws, as well as environmental arrangements beyond legal mandates such as a childcare system that allows employees the flexible use of up to two hours of shortened work hours until their child is in the third grade of elementary school. We also try to enhance support systems for employees who engage in childcare and nursing care by introducing new systems, including the spouse maternity leave system. By promoting internal recognition of these systems and creating an atmosphere conducive to their use, we have maintained a 100% rate of women taking maternity leave throughout the Group in Japan. Furthermore, we achieved a 64% rate of male employees taking childcare leave in FY2022.

Usage Status of Childcare and Nursing Care Systems (Japan)

FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Childcare/nursing care leave 47 67 70
Male acquisition rate of childcare/ nursing care leave (%) 20.0 21.7 63.9
Shortened work hours for childcare/nursing care 43 54 93

Improving the Work-Life Balance

We believe that feeling mentally and physically refreshed is important for employees to work with a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and happiness. To enable employees to effectively use their free time to refresh their minds and bodies or pursue personal development, EIZO encourages balanced work styles through a broad range of benefits for diverse needs and supports club activities and recreational events.

Annual average work hours, Paid leave taken (Japan)

FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Annual average work hours Omit 1,904 1,912 1,908
Paid leave taken (%) 77% 81% 85%

Open Labor-Management Relations

In Japan, we set up the V-Work Council as a labor-management consultation forum. Council member opinions are used for transforming the working environment into a more comfortable workplace. We also established consultation conferences and labor committees in each Group company under their respective national laws and specific circumstances as opportunities for developing good labor-management relationships.
In addition, we regularly held the EIZO Top Meeting to create an environment in which employees can share information on new businesses and actions taken by each department and actively exchange opinions with executives. By having every employee take responsibility for managing the company, the entire Group is working together to promote the business.