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MIL AG - Precision and Flexibility for Radiological Diagnostics

The X-ray institute Medical Imaging Luzern AG (MIL AG) in Sursee relies on medical RadiForce monitors from EIZO for radiological diagnosis.



The X-ray institute Medical Imaging Luzern AG (MIL AG) opened a radiology practice for outpatients in Sursee, Switzerland in May 2021. Thanks to the new practice, they can now offer quicker and more flexible radiological examinations, reduce waiting times, and increase service quality. To achieve this, MIL AG in Sursee relies on RadiForce monitors from EIZO, because the high quality of the images and the specialist expertise are in many cases decisive for the further treatment of the patients.



The Latest Technologies for Precise Diagnosis

At MIL AG, RadiForce RX660 monitors are used for radiological diagnostics and the MS236WT as control monitors for X-rays. The advantages are obvious: a precise, uniform, and high-resolution monitor image is essential for an accurate diagnosis and EIZO ensures optimal viewing for diagnostic reliability.

RX660 for radiological diagnostics
RX660 for radiological diagnostics
  MS236WT as control monitors for X-rays
MS236WT as control monitors for X-rays

The RX660 multi-modality monitor is perfect for displaying radiological images for precise diagnosis. The image sharpness at high brightness levels is very detailed. The color reliability supports doctors in their diagnoses. Thanks to its compact design, the monitor takes up very little working space.

MIL AG also implemented RadiLight for the usually dark radiological analysis environment. Since it attaches to the back of the monitor, it avoids causing reflections on the screen. The illumination intensity is adjustable to 10 levels.

The EIZO RadiCS quality control software is used for obligatory weekly quality assurance and grayscale calibration. This helps MIL AG maintain optimal quality control for each of the RadiForce monitors.


The RadiForce MS236WT monitor is used to operate the X-ray unit in the X-ray room. The widescreen format and wide viewing angle facilitate the view of the X-ray images, the corresponding findings, and other patient data. By installing the monitor on a swivel arm, the specialist can flexibly move it to the desired position. This supports efficient and accurate work.

MS236WT in X-ray room
  MS236WT in the control room for X-ray
MS236WT in the control room for X-ray

Dr. med. Gregor Rieger, introduces MIL AG in this video.



“With the RadiForce monitors from EIZO, we can be sure that the images displayed always show every detail precisely.”



Dr. med. Gregor Rieger, Chief Physician Radiology, MIL AG



Deployed Products

RadiForce RX660
RadiForce MS236WT

Case Studies
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