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Webinars: ‘Solutions for computerless IP video surveillance’

22. and 23. September 2020

Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm CEST
Price: Participation is free
Language: English
Speaker: Oliver Nachtigal (EIZO Business Development Manager Security & Surveillance)

Using a computer for video surveillance can frequently prove undesirable, less economical or even impossible due to space limitations. EIZO offers different solutions for IP video playback especially for these kinds of scenarios that address the most diverse requirements. Broken down into four subject areas, EIZO Business Development Manager Oliver Nachtigal presents everything you need to know about EIZO IP decoding solutions, from the concept and different use cases to the interaction with video management systems and actual setup.

Webinar content

22. September 2020

1) IP video streaming: computerless, simple, low-maintenance and reliable: an overview of EIZO IP decoding solutions

You will become familiar with the concept of EIZO IP decoding solutions, including its advantages over traditional video security systems.

2) Smart solutions for live streaming of crucial recordings: practical application examples of EIZO IP decoding solutions

Using various customer projects as examples, you will learn how EIZO IP decoding solutions are already successfully used in practice and meet different requirements.

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23. September 2020

1) Professional solutions with EIZO IP decoding products and VMS connection: intuitive plugins to ensure smooth VMS integration, for example, Genetec VMS

Using ‘Genetec Security Center’ as an example of VMS, you will be shown how easily EIZO IP products can be integrated into existing video security systems and which advantages they bring with them.

2) IP decoding solutions: set up, turn on, configure and done: a simple and cost-saving setup and use of computerless IP video playback

In this last ‘hands-on’ part of the webinar, we will demonstrate how easy it is to get started and set up directly on the IP decoding monitor.

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Oliver Nachtigal

Oliver Nachtigal has worked in the security industry for over 20 years. Since 2019, he has provided Japanese monitor specialist EIZO with support throughout Europe as Business Development Manager Security & Surveillance. He is a specialist in EIZO IP decoding solutions. He has extensive expertise in both IP video technology and network technology. He has been imparting his knowledge as a lecturer in training courses for many years.